St. Vincent Pallotti LIVES Babies!!!

We welcome you and your new child! We want to help you to integrate your new baby and yourselves into our Parish Family.  You will need to plan ahead if you wish to have your baby baptized.  

What must you do to have your child baptized at St. Vincent Pallotti?  First, you must be a registered member of our Parish.  Second, you will need to attend a class preparing for the Sacrament of Baptism.  These classes are offered every other month, on the first Wednesday of the month at St.Jude the Apostle Parish.

Baptisms are celebrated on the second Sunday of the month except during Advent and Lent.  Baptisms are also celebrated, outside of Mass after the 4:00 PM Mass on Saturdays and the 10:00 Mass on Sundays.

If you have questions or desire more information about the Sacrament of Baptism, or to schedule one, please contact Cathy Smith, Pastoral Associate, at 414-453-5344 ext 116.  She will answer your questions and coordinate all the details.