Finance Council

Finance Council

The Finance Council provides advice and guidance to the Pastor in the administration of parish assets. It also prepares the parish budget, any budgets for extraordinary expenditures, and reviews financial statements. In addition, the council monitors the financial condition of the parish, including regular financial reviews/audits as well as the internal financial controls by following the recommendations in those reviews/audits. 


Our Finance Council Members are:

Rick Arkenberg, Chair                                    email: [email protected]

Christopher Gauthier, Trustee Treasurer          email: [email protected]

Lenny Schaefer, Trustee Secretary                 email: [email protected]

Linda Barikmo                                               email: [email protected]

Michael Donohoo                                           email: [email protected]

Tom Hoye                                                      email: [email protected]

Susana Cuellar, Dir. of Administration & Development        email: [email protected]

Fr. Tom PC, SAC                       email: [email protected]